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All about the Fabric

Patterns/Textures are generally thicker than prints and may or may not have a pattern of some kind.  They also have a variety of textures and several color options in most categories.  Prints are generally thinner (but still very soft!) and have a distinct print (or pictures) on the fabric.  If you know your Minky fabrics and all the various "families" you're in luck as they are listed in alphabetical order, If not, no worries, you get to explore! 

Ordering can be confusing. follow these instructions and you can "custom" anything.  To begin, (1) go to the "Shop" tab in the main menu on the Home screen.  For our example, we will create our own Blanket.

(2) Select "Create Your Own... from the Shop Page.  Then select "Blankets".

Snap 2b.JPG
Step 2.JPG

(3) You will see there are many different sizes of blankets available.  Find the size you want and double click on that Blanket. You will see a side view of your cart with the blanket added.  Close the cart by click on the arrow at the top left.  

Item screen.JPG

(4) Click on "Add to Cart". You will see a side view of your cart with the blanket added.  Close the cart by click on the arrow at the top left.  

blanet cart screen.JPG

(6) Click on the Group you are interested in. 

blanet cart screen_edited.jpg

(5) Back at the Blanket screen, click on "Select Fabric".  This will take you to the Fabrics page.    Because there are so many to choose from, they have been devided into two groups:  Patterns/Textures and Prints. (See "Hints") 

Fabrics screen.JPG


Overwhelming Fabric choices?  Already have an idea on a color or print?  Use the "search" function to help.  Use the Search box at upper left of Main Menu to look for a specific color, character, or if you already know the Fabric Family, to take to straight to that Fabric.  If you type in "Blue", you will get a list of all the fabrics that have blue in them.  There may be a lot!  Remember, you must click on the fabric to see all available colors or prints.  For example, we wanted a fabric with "elephants" and entered that in the Search Box.  What came up is the "Animals" Prints.  Click on the Animals Prints to see the selections.  There you will see the elephants.

Search elephants.JPG
Fabric Pic.JPG

(7)Once you have decided on a fabric "family", i.e. Alpine, Bella, Glacier, Hide, etc. double click on your choice.  You will then see all the different colors available for that particular fabric.  Once you choose your color, click "Add to Cart". 

Fabric Choice.JPG

Close the Cart and repeat the same process for the other side of your blanket.

Cart Screen_edited.jpg

Finish After adding second fabric to cart, view the cart, click on "PayPal Checkout" and follow payment instructions.  You can also leave a note if desired, from this page.  That's It!

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