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Our Minky Journey

Our goal is to provide beautiful, soft, durable products that propel               the word "cuddle" to a whole new level!

About us

In 2020 I had the opportunity to take a trip to Shipshewana (Illinois) and while shopping, discovered one of the softest most luxurious materials I had ever come across:  Minky!!

This wonderful fabric combined with a genuine love for sewing created the perfect vehicle to bring a small amount of comfort and security to family and friends in one of the most frightening times of our generation, the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Requests for Blankets started coming in and the idea of making something that brought happiness to others became an opportunity to focus on something I love.  Something For You was established in late 2020 and with a few family members and close friends we started making this incredible journey together.  Everything we make is designed and hand-sewn to be a true work of Heart.  From all of us at Something For You, we hope you enjoy your products as much as we did creating them for you!

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What is MInky?

Minky fabrics are ultra soft and durable fabrics in a variety of pile heights, patterns, colors and prints.  Words used to describe the various textures of Minky fabrics include:  soft, plush, fuzzy, lush, furry, velvetyluxurious, etc.  Whatever words you use, "amazing!" is sure to be one of them!

Care Instructions

Minky fabrics are made of 100% polyester.  They are machine washable on cold temperature setting (no Pods) and hang to dry when possible.  They can be  tumble dried on no heat setting with Air Fluff .   Do not use Fabric Softener on Minky fabrics.  On occasion a 2nd rinse is advised to restore fabric to its original "fluff".

Return Policy

At Something For You we are proud of the Quality and Craftsmanship of our handmade products.  We will replace or refund products with defective materials or construction.  To return an item, please contact us via email or phone call to inform of the the reason for the return and we will send return shipping packaging at no cost to you.

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